Tuesday, 26 February 2008

We went to Singapore Zoo and fed kangaroos.

Queenie works at the zoo and gave us free tickets for the zoo and night safari.
She had to come along to the night safari even she had been there 10 times.
We couldn't bear the thought of her missing all that fun.

The little kangaroo is telling me that he doesn't like living in captivity and that he wants to go back to australia.

Kangaroos were not only greedy but they had beautiful eyes.

I learnt that elephants were solitary animals who would get violent during the mating season.

Randall the Sealion was great, he performed alot of tricks that made everyone very happy,
I particularly liked the part where he acted like a seal. It was very smart!

the lone penguin trying to get a piece of action while Randall was performing.

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agrasshopper said...

D got go back with you meh? Maybe I see wrongly......

I lvoe that pic of the kangaroo whispering to u.....issit ticklish?