Thursday, 25 March 2010


very small pastry shop just by the station. They sell loaf cakes and elaborated decorated cookies.

I would love to have one just like that!

d at inokashira park - happyness!

pickled cabbage store. I wanted everything.

Wickie. They sell beautiful glassware and hard to find enamel things.
I did not have a list of shops or map to follow so everything i saw at kichijoji was a surprise.

Hara donuts.

very tasty donuts. Not too sweet and very soft.
People were buying boxes and dozens.

I think d really likes it here!


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

D looks super happy! He should move there! I love kichijoji!!!

A. said...

it has something to do with the asian rabbit ear sign. One has to smile and look genuinely happy while doing that.

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

when I was small up to 10years old, i was doing rabbit ear posture all the time in photos.
I love what you see in japan, Kichijoji is one of my weekend favorite destination! have you see the hammock cafe there?