Thursday, 13 January 2011

Japanese Buttery Roll

the dough

finished dough

Make a round ball

place dough in a bowl until double in size (1-1.5 hrs at 26c )

shaping instructions



Make little balls then roll flat and form a triangle shape.

Roll the long shape flat with a rolling pin again

roll it around a frankfurter/hotdog

or not. leave it to rise, cover with clingfilm.

and now its done.


Oven temperature for baking 180c.

Butter rolls

Ingredients 240g bread flour, 60g plain flour, 5g dry yeast, 24g sugar, 5g salt
1 egg yolk, 50g milk, 115g water
24g butter ( cut into cubes )

Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Add yolk, milk and water into the dry ingredients.
Mix by hand or machine with dough hook and mix for about 15 minutes until smooth.
Do the window pane test, here's the link
Add butter slowly while still mixing the dough until its well mixed and there are no traces of butter.
When that's done, place dough on a table sprinkled with flour to shape it into a ball.
Place dough into a bowl to rest it until it doubles in size.
When that happens, split dough into about 11-12 pieces and follow the instructions on pictures.



Anonymous said...

You're so neat with it! I made some Chinese Sausage buns a while back and they weren't as cute as yours! My dough wasn't as soft as the ones you buy.

Charmaine said...

Oh this is good. What is the texture of the dough like? Quite light (like traditional sausage buns in Chinese bakeries) or denser and quite bread-like?

mei said...

I love these. Yum! I like it that the previous posts was cute piglets and the next is hot dog buns ;)

Alison said...

girlheartfood : Mine wasn't the softest too but maybe they add chemicals to make it that soft.

Charmaine : It isn't as soft as i have hopes but decent considering the different flour we use here.

Mei : That's a cute observation, i didn't think of it like that! Since hotdogs are mostly carbohydrates, maybe not many piglets were used?

style fare said...

i love pigs-in-a-blanket, so i love this asian take on an american classic - thanks for the recipe!

love your blog - i'm sorry to hear about your lost bag, but i hope the cute piggies made it a bit better. :)

all the best from new york!

lynne said...

yum! they're so cute and tasty looking!

Alison said...

Style Fare, Lynne : Thanks!

FeeAMore said...

I told you these were cute. ;)

Mariko said...

I adore Japanese bread. I'll have to try this out. Yours are as picture perfect as the ones in the book!

Nippon Nin said...

My daughter(Mariko) sent your blog. You must be a Japanese or you are person who could read Japanese. The rolls looks great!

Alison said...

Mariko : Thank you. The book has really good instructions.

Nippon Nin : I'm not japanese and i cannot read japanese either , my friend tommy who can read translates alot of recipes for me.

Tintedglasses said...

This looks amazing!