Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Last Week

Lunch at Capella

Cakes at k-ki again, this time melon cheesecake. Daryl had chocolate, they were both good.

Junk shop by The plain.

Mum's dumpling. She has been asked to sell them at shops. ( apparently she's very good )

My new baking station. It's not much but something to start with.

I don't like mangoes but i like the green on them

Dinner at Smiths Fish and Chips.
230 Tanjong Katong Road

They are open everyday from 12-11pm I think?
The best time to go is 4-5 and after 8. It gets really crowded.

the fish and chips are wrapped carefully in waxed paper.

Although I haven't had enough fish and chips in my life to be an expert but this one is quite good. The fish is tender, the batter is crispy. $7 for a kid's meal and that's more than enough if you are not very hungry.


Isa said...

That's alot of mangoes. Do you have a mango tree at your backyard?

PS: Mmmm mango cheesecake maybe? :)

melly said...

Have you moved back here?

Alison said...

Isa- I don't have a mango tree. This was taken in a relative's house. I got given some as well. :)

Melly - yes as of last month!

Su-Lin said...

I want to try your mother's dumplings! They look great!

lynnette said...

oh yum the fish and chips look so good! :D thanks for the recommendations!! i wanna check out all those places you went to! Especially K-ki... i love the presentation of that cake...

So what are your plans at the moment after coming back?? :)

Alison said...

Su-Lin : When you come. :)

lynnette : Fish and chips is great and K-ki is always nice. My plans are not concrete yet but i'm going to do something with baking.