Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Instagram #3 Where did the time go?

I'm a creature of habit 

I need things to feel at home

my tins live in a big plastic box now

I'm friends with the oven at home finally. It takes me weeks to get used to a new oven.

human hippo

Man made beach at hotel

More to come!


Aoi said...

I wonder where my time has slipped to, too. Then I looked at my Blog, the photos and those (blogs & photos) of others and remember, it's the smallest, seeming inconspicuous and insignificant things in life that really counts.

You spend your time pursuing your passion and wherever your time has gone to, I'm sure it's in a happy place :)


Fen and Ned said...

Hi Alison,
I've just discovered your blog via This is Naive.
A happy weekend to you!
Sarah xx

Cookie Cutter said...

Love the photos you snap! I often ask myself that first Qn too-- where did the time go?

Thanks for visiting my little blog!