Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Recently #6

A glimpse of where i make cakes now.

I've been so busy and distracted that i almost forgot that i have a blog but i'm still here. Hopefully i'll have alot more to share soon. 

Some things i've done recently

We play "category"

The rules are very simple. For example, one person picks a category, say Countries, we have to list all the countries until someone goes blank, they either get drawn on or they have to do something silly like touch their nose for the whole duration of the next game. This is what my friends and I do sometimes  when we have nothing to say to each other. 

Marcus and Audrey ( nephew/niece ) doing puzzle in my room.

Raspberry roll cake. It taste better than it looks if i say so myself. 

a smaller version

A house full of apples. 

and i made 

Recipe from here

Ju Ju .

Pandan cake i made. Taste really funny!

Really good. I love cheesy fries.

There are alot of snails near where I live. I counted and there were 7 on a grass patch alone.

On another note, Daryl and I are on a heroic animal rampage. In the past 2 weeks, we buried a dead stray, saved a lost dog, and a baby snail from the road. That made me feel quite good. 

Audrey embracing mooncake festival.

New shoes are always good.

haha ! very funny right ? 

More to come soon.


daintiness said...

Juju is super cute! Sometimes I wish I had a cat...

And you bake for fun or as a job? Anyway, I'm jealous. I would love to bake but I hate spending too much money on groceries at this point of my life. Sigh. If only I had all of the ingredients...

Alison said...

Daintiness - I do it as a job and for fun. You should have a cat if that's possible, they are a bundle of joy and much less maintenence than dogs!

thisisnaive said...

Maybe that can be what Daryl does in Singapore. Saving animals. We need to make him a superhero costume. And he needs a superhero name. Dashing D?

l said...

WOAH that's some serious sign there! :P

I wish I could bake like you do!! Must be incredibly comforting digging into a slice of warm apple pie...chiffon cake...strawberry shortcake... YUMS.

lynnette said...

Whoops prematurely ended the above comment..!

Btw, did you really use up all the apples for the pie! :P

Alison said...

thisisnaive - MAYBE. haha

Lynnette - No that's way too much apples :P They were eaten or juiced.