Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happiness is

Seeing a boob cake

Seeing a man in pink wig.

being with your friends

having cute people for friends.

Having someone to lean on.

find a stray a nice home with a balcony 

finding daylesford organic in singapore

witnessing your good friend becoming a Mrs

Going to a hen's party

watching the hen do silly things

Opening a cake shop !

Happy new year everyone! 


melly said...

happy new year alison! can't wait to pop by all good things :> you look so pretty at the hen's party btw!

Alison said...

thanks melly! Can't wait to see you. Please let me know before you come in case i'm out!

tomoko said...

Hello Alison.
Happy new year and congraturations on opening of your cake shop!!
I can't wait for revisiting Singapore and seeing you.

Alison said...

tomoko - Thank you for your well wishes! hope to see you really soon!

style fare said...

OMG - I haven't visited in so long and look what you've accomplished! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your new endeavor! I wish I could visit you - in the meantime, I will send over friends in Singapore! ;)

Su-Lin said...

How strange but I actually know one of the people in the third photo!

Happy new year, Alison, and congrats on your new shop! I must visit when I'm next in Singapore.

Alison said...

Thank you stylefare. I wish that you can visit some day too.

Sulin - Singapore is a very small place. Which one do you know!

Anonymous said...

Your cake shop is adorable! I wish I could visit the place... maybe someday...

Camila Faria

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new shop. I'd love to visit when I go to Singapore one day (hopefully sooner than later)!

lynnette said...

Happy New Year!! :) Congratulations on opening your own cake shop!! I can't wait to check it out hopefully sooooon! :D

Tamami said...

Belated happy new year Alison!!!!!! ^^ O.m.g, I just found out that you've opened your very own shop!!!!? How fabulous! Many many congratulations! That's so amazing... You're living my dream! I wish I was in Singapore to visit!! The place looks sweet!! More pictures please!!! ^^ t xx

Alison said...

Lynnette- Thanks. hope to see u sometime soon ;)