Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Loaf
makes 900g loaf tin or 12 mini loaf tins

175c. 50 Minutes.

135g butter
200g sugar
2 eggs
4 bananas (cut & mash )
2 tsp vanilla essence
180g self raising flour, 50g whole wheat self raising flour

You can add 70g chocolate chips/70g dessicated coconut.

Beat butter & sugar til white and fluffy.
Mix in eggs, bananas, vanilla essence all at the same time. ( mixture might look slightly curdle but that is okay )
Fold in both flours.



yae said...

I am into baking now.
I am craving for Banana cake.

A. said...

I still remember the banana bread you made, I tell my friends that it's one of the best one i've had.

Sophia said...

Delicious! I love banana bread. Looks like you did a great job. I haven't baked banana bread in a while. Usually, it's just Beer Bread. Keep up the great work here! I'll check back soon!