Sunday, 18 April 2010


I have 2 jobs, i'm tired and i'm sleepy.

At work, anzac cookies

mini green tea loaf cakes.

Chocolate cake with toadstools

the cake table

our lovely boss, Bryn

Study time

at night,

I make cakes again.

Souffle cheesecake



marie said...

ah I envy your job, and 'at work' snacks -)
the green tea cakes look especially good!

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

i wanna eat ur suffle cheesecake!
lets make some drawing cookies or macaroons next time i come over to ur place!

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I think Panasonic should just market the G1 and all its gang as "buy me and your pictures will improve 100%". Statistically proven.

A. said...

Marie- they are not all taken at work. Unfortunately, we don't really do tea-time at work. Would be nice though!

P- Let's!

T- Ditto!

agrasshopper said...

all the pictures look super nice!

yae said...

I wanna visit your cake shop!
What is anzc cookies in? It looks super tasty.
Also the chocolate cakes look just so delicious.

stuck said...
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Yoyo said...

Don't you dare bake anything when you come home to hk!! I know I will give into those devilish temptations. :P

Anonymous said...

What are the books that you are using?

A. said...

Xiaowei - Thanks!

Yae- It's not mine, I work there. Anzac cookies are Oat and coconut cookies. Come Visit soon.

Yoyo- Ok, I won't! :P

terren said...

I want your job.
Not kidding.