Thursday, 2 September 2010

Found #4

Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

On Chickens.

Page 125.

You must be very careful when introducing a new chicken to the general flock. You can't just toss it in there with the old chickens, or they will see it as an invader. What you must do instead is to slip the new bird into the chicken coop in the middle of the night while the others are asleep. Place her on a roost beside the flock and tiptoe away. In the morning, when the chickens wake up, they don't notice the newcomer, thinking only, " She must have been here all the time since i didn't see her arrive. " The clincher of is it, awaking within this flock, the newcomer herself doesn't even remember that she's a newcomer, thinking only, " I must have been here the whole time ..."


wl said...

aha ! how sneaky. wondering if anyone has tried it out.

Barbara said...

ahah! that's clever!

Alison said...

Wl,Barbara : I've always wanted chicken. This would be very useful for me :)!