Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend ~ ☂

It was raining alot but I didn't mind because i wasn't out that much.

Some ornaments I found during my winter clear up. I might sell it because I don't have a christmas tree.

Chocolate cake for D's Dad almost 60 birthday

some museum we went to

dinner at Le Relais De Venis 

Highlight of the meal ♥

Hope your weekend wasn't too rainy.


Jer said...

Sell the X'Mas ornaments to me....Can? I want!!!

Alison said...

Jer - I'm posting it on etsy ! Some things, It will be up soon!

Barbara said...

Looks like a lovely weekend :)

Jer said... are in Etsy!!! I shop there but how to find you?

melly said...

It has been rainy rainy here.

I like seeing a piece of steak served with fries, looks so funny.