Friday, 29 July 2011

Food that we eat.

This is Tampopo at Liang Court. Yakisoba is one of my favourite thing to order.

Steak Sandwich at P.S cafe. I don't usually like the food there, but this is okay.

DIY salad at Pete's place. Very fresh!

Orange jelly at Tampopo. Very good!

Cantonese dumpling and plains noodles with chinese chives.

Raw beef. I don't really like any sort of raw food, i had a piece, it didn't taste of anything but party because I was so worried about the taste of blood i hardly tried to taste it.

At Mr Steak Shabu Shabu near Paterson Street Hong kong

Very good cheesecake!


style fare said...

Oh my, is that wagyu beef? The colors are extraordinary!

Yakisoba is also an ultimate favorite of mine! Whether it's from a legit izakaya or Japanese conbini, I love them all! ;)

Jer said...

I am hungry...can you hear my stomach?

lynnette said...


That orange jelly just looks SOO GOOD! :D Tampopo is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants too!! Just that I haven't tried most of the stuff in the photos!! I definitely am gonna give their Yakisoba a go the next time.

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

have you been baking lately?
miss you,

agrasshopper said...

Take me to the Tanpopo!!!