Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Recently #3

Before they could cool down, these got snapped up really quickly.

Little kitty in the drain, she looked really sad.

at bronte with friends. I like the food. :)

Pizza at Pepperoni greenwood ave. Pretty good!

very pissed off kitty! she just had kittens.

all the way from munich.

Flourless chocolate cake for a birthday order.

I've started doing home orders and i'm back to baking!


tytty said...

how do you deal with the humidity/heat when baking in singapore?

NICOMADE said...

if only you were here, i'd totally place an order. specifically THAT order - the flourless chocolate cake.

Alison said...

tytty : I don't, i bake at night. If the cake isn't right, i just redo it again and again.

nicomade : hopefully one day you will visit!

Anne-Laure said...

OH les madeleines look so nice and appealing! What's your secret? Are you planning to post the recipe? yummy! The chocolate cake look georgeous too :)

Alison said...

Hello Anne, the recipe is from here. http://justcookit.blogspot.com/2010/01/honey-madeleines.html enjoy!

thisisnaive said...

Can't wait for the site launch! Even though I'm all the way here and can't place an order.

Joop said...

I'd love to place an order too...can't wait to see your site :)

Alison said...

Tommy and claudia.

Thank you :)