Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Recently #9 Meals.

Super nice Pizza at Pepperoni's Frankel Avenue

Pesto Pasta with Prawns Pete's Place Hyatt ( My favourite place ! )

I don't like prawns but this one is edible.

Home packed lunch, Grandma's fried noodles. She makes the best! What a treat :)

Group dinner at Bedok blk 85. 

Supermarket boxed dinner from Meidiya !

Condense Milk toast , busy baker's lunch!


Tommy said...

I miss you today!

Alison said...

Why? did you go to ottolenghi? :D

Anonymous said...

May I know what camera(s) you are using for the non-instagram shots on your blog? They look amazing! Looking forward to visit all good things soon!

Alison said...

Hi, I use a panasonic g10. :)