Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some of the things that we make

Cream of carrot soup with danish toast

Flourless chocolate cake with fresh cream and berries

Raspberry victoria sponge & fresh cream

Bacon & egg toasties cups

Mini Banana Bread 

Crumble cakes 

Some days we make our own bread

Lastly our souffle cheesecake 

What's your favourite cake to eat?


Mei said...

Wow all those things look amazing and delicious! I wish you had a cafe in London ;)

NICOMADE said...

all of these would probably be my favorite :)


Everything looks so yummy!

Amrita said...

Look at that souffle cheesecake! I can only imagine how it must have puffed up in the oven! And sunny yellow too.

fleur said...

Yummmbo! That cream of carrot soup with danish toasties would be puuurfect for me right now :)

My favourite (sweet) cake is probably Opera followed by Red Velvet. Some days, I bake my own zucchini cake (well, it's more like a fritata but oh well).

I can't wait to pop by your cafe soon!

Love Lust And Labels said...

Chocolate cake with fresh berries sounds amazing!! I love baking... If you like carrot cake check out my blog http://lovelustandlabels.blogspot.co.uk !! ;)