Monday, 31 May 2010

The month of may is a busy one.

my mum came to visit earlier this month,
I think she looks pretty good for a granny.


Evelyn, also came, and hung out with us.


We had a surprise bbq birthday for Tommy but she wasn't surprised! Instead, when she came knocking on my door and I was the one who was surprised because i wasn't expecting her yet. How silly is that. I got surprised trying to surprised someone! Oh well! I think she liked her cake.

That's it for now.

Catch you later -.-


marie said...

may went fast! your cooking always looks so good ;)

Barbara said...

Lovely!!!! your mommy definitely is very pretty!

Alison said...

Marie- The credit goes to Daryl this time, I did not do a thing haha :)

Barbara- Thank you, I'll be sure to let her know.

the ramen girl said...

your mum is so pretty and stylish!

Debs said...

That is what grannies look like these days??? My goodness! I hope I'm just a teeny tiny bit as stylish and well preserved when I'm a granny. Kudos to your Mum!