Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chocolate bread

Making chocolate bread is perfect for rainy and gloomy days.

I've never made chocolate bread.

The mixture was really wet and I was very very worried.

I added walnuts and chocolate chips.

More pictures of finished bread tommorow.

Recipe from David Lebovitz.


marie said...

will you share the recipe? ;)

viv said...

Looks good! I'd really like your life. You seem to do so much baking -- must be a lot of friends who come around to polish it all off! Did you go to culinary school by any chance? How did you learn?

Alison said...

Marie- I posted a link to the recipe at the end of the post. Do try it!

Viv- I went to pastry school in london for 9 months. My friends don't really want my cakes, they are sick of eating it. :)

tytty said...

hi alison, i like how you studded your final dough with choc chips and walnuts .. yum

yae said...

I am gonna bake this one! Yummy.