Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Things we should know about Cats/ Kittens. ( I thought I knew but I've forgotten what it's like to have one )

- they require alot of time
- they may forget how to use the litter / poop
- they will use more tissue paper / toilet paper than you
- they do what they want, when they want.
- they are the boss of you
- if their plate is empty, it doesn't mean that you have to refill
- if you left a raincoat dangling of the chair, it's your fault if they rip it to shreds.
- they make really smelly poop and sometimes they smear it everywhere
- they only want to sit where you want to sit


Jennifer said...

And then they look at you with their little kitten faces and big kitten eyes, and make it a bit harder to be pissed off that they pooped and trashed your possessions ;)

Good luck to you all in adjusting to life together!

Yen said...

the 1st picture melts my heart.

Anonymous said...


agrasshopper said...

so tiny and precious....sigh yeah~ why dun you get a puppy!

Barbara said...

how that kitty is adorable!!