Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bits and bobs.

Our dinner tonight. Wild rice with walnuts and vegetables.

Recipe here

waiting dogs

at leila's with tommy and yunne.

brownies at work.

scones at home.


neon tabs

some of my favorite books


finished chocolate bread

Sticky toffee pudding

See you soon.



tytty said...

the plate holding the pudding makes me smile. it would be great to have breakfast from it every morning.

the pancake & scone recipes from rose bakery's book didnt do much for me .. have you got any favs?

Alison said...

Tytty- The scone recipe from roser bakery cookbook is actually the best ones i've used. You do need to try it a few times because the mixture is very wet. I use a food processor to make the scone dough and chill it in the fridge for a few hours before cutting the scones. I do use quite a bit of flour rolling and shaping.

One of my other favourite recipe is the red bean slice.

Have a good day!

medha said...

hi there, was about to comment on the lovely lemon poppy seed cake with gorgeous swirls when I saw the plate the pudding sat on, and got distracted. it's gorgeous! makes the pudding taste even better I bet ;)