Wednesday, 1 December 2010

abit of Hong Kong

I did not take much pictures this time, I was feeling blue

very surprised to see this

roasted chestnut in charcoal. I liked it alot when i was a kid, i still do.

curry fishballs.

very silky beancurd dessert

rice dumpling. Very good!

plain noodles with Scallions?

fish and pork liver porridge. it was quite SMELLY, i didn't eat it.

Dogs for adoption. I was allowed to pet them.

some funny pants I got.

dog's groomer in hong kong

waiting for their haircuts!


melly said...

those are some real funny pants! haha, they do look darn snuggly tho. and and, I wanna jump into that picture of the plain noods with scallions and devour it!

Yen said...

do you prefer hk or sg's food?

Alison said...

melly- The noods were pretty good despite how plain they look.

Yen - I prefer sg's food. HK food is abit too greasy for my taste.