Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Are you cold? I am. Brrrrrrr!

very early snowfall this year, I was not at all expecting it.

our reward for going out in this crazy weather.

Natsuki, very happy with what she's looking at

chapped lips~~

going home, the snow made everything pretty & burrry

Snowcure~ bacon & cheese muffins.

the garden

eep! wrap up warm people!


Barbara said...

AAAW i'm cold!! freezing indeed!!

Su-Lin said...

I am cold too. Just bought thermals today for the first time!

Love the use of baking parchment when you don't have muffin tin liners!

tytty said...

I like the last shot <:

and what on earth? a giraffe?

Alison said...

Barbara, is spain below freezing point too?

Sulin, I cannot wear thermals, i find them too restrictive. I'll just have to deal with the cold by overeating.

Tytty, yes its our resident pet/mascot. She came to live with us last winter.