Friday, 24 December 2010

Recently #1

I don't remember what i was trying to achieve but i did get uncomfortably wet. 

Flying santa 

This is how much i wear these days.

Even the cats here were walking very briskly.

You can tell that he really didn't want a picture..

Have a Good Christmas wherever you are. 


Barbara said...

merry xmas!! lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you !
we'll have snowstorm today so we're layering too much as well. :)

Su-Lin said...

Happy Christmas, Alison!

yae said...

Happy New Year, Alison.

The strawberry shorts cake look so good. I wish I were your neighbor so I can sneak into your place to taste it all the time. I still cannot believe that you are cook.

Morgan. said...

haha, love these pictures...the first two made me hungry, and some of the others made me laugh, especially the snow one.
I live in Australia though, so there was no snow in my christmas!