Wednesday, 30 March 2011


It's easy to make friends, 
but it's hard to have ones you like, keep for years.
A good friend pays $337 Euros to come hang out with you for a day and not go to the london eye or Buckingham Palace.  

Choux buns with ice cream at St John's

Me, Akiko, Tommy

I met Akiko when we were young and silly. 

We are older but still quite silly.

Cute vintage tea shop in East London

Akiko : I think I lost my phone ( 5th time )
Tommy mutters to herself : If i have a penny everytime she says that...

everyone loves the giraffe

quick picnic at home before Akiko catches her train.

Courtesy of Tommy who had to drag us along, while we walk around like headless chickens.


Jennifer said...

Such a lovely trio you are! From your sweet photos it looks like a wonderful visit!

tytty said...

i hear you

sunni said...

the photos are so calm and sweet. sorry to be annoying - but what type of camera do you use? it looks smaller than a dslr, but the quality is nice..

melly said...


Alison said...

Sunni - I use a Panasonic G10 with a pancake lens.

lynnette said...

Aww. Friends AND choux buns?? :) What could make for a better day?