Wednesday, 23 March 2011


when I start getting the blues

I make 

colourful drinks

bright green food

have some strawberries

buy something from ottolenghi

look at fans spin

let my mind go blank.

What do you do?


Mei said...

I love this post. When I get the blue I quite like wallowing. I watch a slow and depressing foreign film. Preferably French. I also stare at the ceiling (no fan, only cobwebs).

melly said...

Let me think... I usually would give the bathroom a severely good scrub down or eat some good pizza.

Anonymous said...

I cook chilli con carne. It´s the kind of thing you can stir your tears into it. It´s different every time but it´s always bitter, spicy and dark. I like the meditative chopping of meat and onions, and the way the flavours meld over the hours of stewing reminds me that time makes such a difference.
The last time my heart was broken I made so much chilli that I filled my freezer, then my friends freezers, by the end even I was even offloading it onto my physiotherapist.

Ula said...

I love food photography, so I don't mind if you post only food pictures;))).

Alison said...

It's good to know what everyone does while wallowing!

lynnette said...

I turn on the air conditioner...lie in bed...let myself enjoy the exquisitely calm moments before sleep...

Or I online shop. :)

(loving these photos btw!)