Saturday, 23 October 2010

At home

Silly bumblebee. Very scary too. she came in zooming and zipping and rested for a whole 10 minutes. It IS bigger than it looks!
these are my favourite shoes, also the only one i can drive in. I have been quite obsessed with taking driving lessons lately. I cannot wait to pass so i can have a parking lot! 
our shared garden
Broiche making with Chieko

look what came in the box.

Brussel Sprouts and potato croquettes recipe. It must have been there for almost a year.I keep wanting to make it.

i have been quite lazy with food lately. Frozen peas, squash, tomato risotto.

found this.

It has been very chilly in London. Stay warm everyone. 


kungfudonut said...

the photos are amazing! are you a professional photog?

sandi said...

you're charming.

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

lovely images; especially love the monster bee, makes me want to stroke it! paris looked cool. i live in northern france not far from lille but sadly stylish cafes etc do not really exist here. please pop by chez moi; salut Linda...

melly said...

blimey! I've been taking riding lessons!

Alison said...

kungfudonut - thank you, I'm far from it haha.

sandi- Thanks!

Odd & old - My hands were shaking when i took a picture of the bee, I would never in a million years stroke a bee!

Melly - Riding ? horses?

Sarah said...

Stay warm Alison! :D

Btw, you are my baking inspiration! :D

lucie said...

I would love that you share the Brussel Sprouts and potato croquettes recipe...
thank you :)

Alison said...

Sarah - I will do, thanks!

Lucie - I will soon, please check back for recipe.