Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Story of the search for Almond & Apricot Bars

2 years ago, I went to Fernandez & Wells with Tommy, we had a sit down drink, she ordered a drink and something sweet, like she always does. We sat and she exclaimed that the raspberry jam bar that she just bit into was the best thing ever. ( like she always does ) and wanted me to try it. I refused. I just started baking and was gaining alot of post pastry chef weight. Of course, she would insist until I give up and take a pretend bite and with that tiny bite, I also thought IT IS the BEST THING EVER. Of course I had to have the recipe. I went home and started going online, flipped through all my books. No recipes for Almond & Raspberry bars.

I JUST COULDN'T find it!!!

I went to another shop in North West London ( who I will not name ) and there it was, another almond & raspberry bar! I was SUPER excited and was in between jobs so I applied for a part time position at that shop just so I could have the recipe. I got the job and was even More excited. I didn't get to do anything the first week except cutting butter and rolling pastry dough. But I was hopeful, that eventually they will let me make almond and raspberry bars. After 3 weeks, I still did not get to do it. I had to leave the job because it was only part time and i needed a full time job.

A few weeks later, I bought Bill Granger Holiday book and THERE IT WAS! Apricot and raspberry bars! Before you start yawning, here it is.

Recipe adapted from Bill Granger Holiday.

Preheat Oven at 180c

You will need a 8" Square Tin

Base - 
150g Butter ( soften but not too soft )
115g sugar 
2 Tsp vanilla essence
225g Flour
40g Cornflour

Filling -
250g Apricot Jam - I use bonne maman

Topping - 60g Butter 55g Sugar 200g Flaked Almond 2 Tsp milk.

Make the base first.
Beat butter and sugar until soft and fluffy, add vanilla essence.
Add in dry ingredients all at once until its semi combined, still abit crumbly.
Line the crumbs on the tin and flatten it with your fingers.

Bake in the oven until golden brown. It will take about 10-12 minutes. It doesn't have to be fully baked, just slightly golden brown on the top. Remove from Oven and let it cool for 7 minutes.

While the base is being baked in the oven, prepare the topping.
Melt butter on a pan and add sugar, flaked almond and milk. 
On low heat, keep stirring the mixture carefully until it looks glossy. ( about 2-3 minutes )
Take pan off heat and let it sit. 

Spread jam evenly on base and scatter almond mixture on the top. 

Bake in the oven for another 15-20 minutes until flaked almond looks golden brown. 


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Because I'm all about positivity and have lost all sense of taste since I moved to London.

Anyway I should have brought some of these home. They were the best thing ever, ever, ever.

Joyce said...

Oh my. This sounds lovely for afternoon tea.

I am guessing that I should grease the pan first?

Natalie said...

hi! i just found your blog and i love all your pictures (esp of the cats!) and these jam bars look so delicious. i am living with an italian family in florence right now so i cannot cook but when i return home in december i definitely want to make these! what a lovely little blog you have.

Barbara said...

thanks for sharing the recipe!

Alison said...

Tommy - yes we have developed a " everything tastes great as long as they are decent " taste bud.

Joyce - yes grease the pan or you will be eating it off the pan :D

Natalie - I check your blog. How great it is to be living in florence.

Barbara - Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

What is cornflour? Is it the same as corn starch?