Thursday, 21 October 2010

Paris Part 2

beautiful cafe, mamie gateaux

Beautiful shop ☀

I wanted to buy everything!

She's talking to the cat. ( i think ) Will the madness ever end?

I bought one home with me but dropped it on the kitchen floor, I had a bit off the top and it was very very delicious, i just wished I had the stomach to scrapped the whole thing on the plate and finish it.

We were very lucky because the weather was very good while we were there. It must be the Patron Saint of Bakers looking after us. Read about St Honoratus.

At Poilane, I used to eat buy alot of their sourdough bread but has stopped since it doesn't really agreed with my stomach.

Punitions are very strange cookies, I can't say they are super delicious but once you start a one, you will reach for another 5 or 10. It's just right in everyway, a little bit sweet, a little bit butter, but not enough to fill you up or satisfy you, so you can always have more.


Su-Lin said...

That string of stars is fabulous! I now know what I'll be doing for an easy Xmas decoration!

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

That's the most perfect description of punitions I've ever heard. Now I want 10.

Alison said...

Sulin- I was very very drawn to it when I saw that! I wanted to pluck it down and bring it home.

Tommy - I finished the cookies already!