Friday, 29 April 2011

Everyday #2 Everything is backtracked

flowers in my garden

comte cheese,  pistachio cake from La Fromagerie
It's one of my favourite places for cakes in London now.

Daylesford organic with my mum ( again! )

Elemental Spitalfields

Leila's with tommy and her sister.

flower shower 

Shopping really bores D

Loving every single minute in london.


firma de contabilitate said...

Very nice photos, i like a lot the first one, it is incredible beautiful. What flowers are?

lynnette said...

did you catch the Royal Wedding live?? :D

oooh i've never heard of Spitalfields before!! I just googled 'Spitalfields Market' and it sounds like a really nice quirky place to visit!

Steven Bustrin said...

you should follow my blog and let me know what you think

Alison said...

Firma De Contabillitate - i'm not sure what flowers these are.

Lynneth - I didn't catch the royal wedding live but i wish i did. Spitalfields is very nice, you should visit someday.

Anonymous said...

You're mother's so pretty, like you.