Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Recently #2

Chocolate toast with Jam

D's stash

display in paris. We went for a day.

homeless cats

window cat

Excitable Poodle.

Biscuits and bread from paris. 

lunch at cocorino with Eve and Tommy

Eve modelling Tommy's Tippet. You can get one here.

big dinner after light lunch

one is only interested in the food, the other one only wants her picture taken.

Taken with tommy's phone.

mum's food. Stew Pork Belly with egg and rice. YUM!


lynnette said...

haha you always have such a great collection of photos to share!

1. Homeless cats! I like how one of them wrote on that little board there eh?

2. Snow globes! :) I used to spend hours mesmerized by them when I was a kid... That paul frank monkey one is really cute.

3. JULES DESTROOPER biscuits! oooooh one of my favorites... sigh, now i'm getting hungry.

style fare said...

Those bags are wonderful! Would you happen to remember who designs them (or at the name of the shop)?

Love the round-up! :)

NICOMADE said...

that looks like the most delectable trip!

jocady said...

your photos always make me happy, particularly the first one!

bellefleurdelis said...

chocolate toast? Never taste that before : )

Alison said...

Style Fare- I don't remember. The shop is near Rose bakery in Marais, if that helps at all.

Jocady - Thank you

Bellefleurdelis - It's my first time, I didn't like it as much as i thought i would.