Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I went to Munich #1

I dont remember where this is.

Manufactum. They have everything.

very cute. I would wear this if i'm 8.

I'm crazy about miniatures!

we went for lunch here, the food is decent but very large portions. 

the pork belly was the size of my arm. (maybe)

I love the tablecloth
and the table
and the chairs.

When I have a cake shop.

I want these tables. and the cloth.

my mum. Bad angle. ha ha !

Guess who?

I haven't been sleeping much, I don't really see a point in sleeping alot anymore, I am afterall still tired whether I sleep Or not sleep.


Goodnight and munich #2 to come


NICOMADE said...

with spring right around the corner, i can't stop lingering at the flower shops too.

Alison said...

Nicomade, Me too. I rarely buy them though, my apartment is just too cluttered for flowers.

lynnette said...

Oh yum yum yum!! Those pretzels look SO good. Aww, it sucks to not be able to sleep well or to feel tired after sleeping especially... maybe it's the stress of moving back home and everything?