Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Instagram #1

beautiful dresses from egg dover street market. ( too bad they are too hot for singapore )

english bubble tea 

butter & condense milk toast

Apple crumble cake from Daylesford Organic. Very very good.

On another note, I will be moving back to Singapore in less than 2 weeks. 
I have been doing a lot of packing and panicking. 
I'm very very scared and excited. 
I have been worrying about everything under the sun, 
I haven't been to enough places to london,
I have not eaten artichokes,
I want to go to broadway market again, I haven't seen the royal ballet, 
What will i do without Earth Natural Food, Melrose and Morgan, 
WAITROSE! Spitafields! The Markets, LA Fromagerie.

How am i going to bake without brown sugar and unbleached flour!

On the other hand, I could do with a bit of fresh air, sun, be with family and see my friends.

I guess you can never have everything.

Have you ever have to move and go back again?


Pitza said...

Hello Alison, chanced upon your blog and I really love the awesome pictures ! Are you moving back to Singapore soon? I'm currently in NZ and will be moving back to Singapore end of the year after spending 5 years here. I feel the same about moving home.I'm excited and yet a little sad.
All the best!

~✽ Yen ♪ ✽~ said...


Siang said...

Hi, I started reading your blog a while ago and like yourself, I'm leaving England and moving back to Singapore in a few months. It feels so surreal. There is so much I'm looking forward to back home, but there are things here I will certainly miss as well. Especially the supermarkets!!!


narumi said...

i love your food pictures ! can't wait to be in london and visit the broadway market...

yuko said...

oh no you're leaving?! (I assume you will keep up your blog?!)

Change is always tough, but usually always good too!

Good luck!

jocady said...

You're in luck! The organic and health food sector is pretty saturated now so brown sugar and unbleached flour is quite readily available in supermarkets :D

lynnette said...

aww... how come the move back? at least you know you'll be coming back to some pretty good things like family and friends... :) am sure it'll be alright in the end... and you'll always have the wonderful memories to look back on! And London's always just a flight away.

isa said...

awww fiddlesticks! i was just cosy-ing up to your lifestyle in london and you're moving back to singapore. i'll be missing photos of your rustic english kitchen, oversized carry-all totes and fur-trimmed clothings.

i'm not singaporean but i'd moved out of singapore twice... i hope you'll have better luck than me.

ps: erm... are you starting a cake shop on the sunny island?!

Alison said...

Pitza : Thanks! I will be moving in less than a week now.

Siang : Hope our paths will cross someday.

Narumi : When you do get here, also visit columbia flower market. It's lovely.

Yuko : I will keep my blog of course!

Jocady : Thank god for that!

Lynette : I'm moving back because it's time to. :)

Isa : I don't know about the cake shop yet but I'm trying to do something like that. Maybe catering, online? It's too soon to say anything.

Su-Lin said...

Ah, I didn't see this post - I am so behind on my RSS reader!

I guess you're at home now. London misses you already!